Rev.  E.F Raphino

They that love him, call him brother"


Brother Edmond was born in Haiti with a Roman Catholic background and he spent his early school years in a catholic school. He always had a desire to know God and his simplicity, he tried to get the understanding through the Roman Catholic priest but he was not satisfied with the answer. Then one day In 1989 he met a brother  by the name of Ardouin Joseph that was testifying about Jesus Chris being the same yesterday, today and forever, that caused Br. Edmond to be curious about that god in the present tense.  The late Rev.  Ardouin Joseph introduced Br. Edmond to the message of the hour and later was baptized by the late Rev. Lovell Harper.






Br. Edmond was enlighten by the vision that Br. Branham had for the bride, in a message  entitled "taking sides with Jesus", that message inspired Br. Edmond to work with a missionary program that was exercising Mark 16:16. Since then he has connected with many elders in the message such as the late Br. John Martin, Bro. Earl Martin, and the late Br. Joseph Coleman.


Now, Br. Edmond Raphino has been pastoring the church since 1998. He was elected pastor by a group of believers that wanted to serve God and continue in the present tense message of the hour.

Br. Edmond has established the work of the five fold ministry in the heart of the church by getting the young people involved in the ministry. He has done missionary outside of the united states and also established many churches in haiti including Bishop Sadrac Charles of Haiti, and Pastor Bastien Alezy  and helped raised many others in the Boston area. .




Brother Nauly has been with the ministry since 1999.  He has been married with his lovely wife, Sis. Nadege, for ten years. The Lord has also blessed them with a son.


The very first time he heard the prophet's message there was a deep calling telling him that this was the truth he was looking for.  That deep calling has since transformed Bro. Nauly into a true missionary, helping this ministry to spread the true gospel around the world. 

Noely Jean-Francois



Br. Kenol came out of the seven Day adventice church back in 1996 after 15 years after of being indoctrinated. Due to the preaching of the message of the hour by the late Rev.  Ardouin Joseph he was finally introduced to the truth and since that time Br. Kenol has been working whole heartedly with Open Door Community Tabernacle.  He has worked in the radio ministry and has bought many souls to the message of the hour.




Kenol Helas


Br. Lovell Harper's group in South Florida