Little Saints Choir was established in 2009 at Open Door Community Tabernacle.

LSC is composed of all the young Saints of ODCT from 3 to 12 years old.  The LSC program provides basic knowledge of Christianity and the message of our prophet, William Marion Branham.




We are a bible base program that allows our children to explore and learn the stories of the bible and have fun, safe activities that correlate with each story.  The children are well supervised by 2 Sunday school teachers and the superintendent of the program.


The LSC program also consists of a spectacular choir of all the little saints; they have learned to practice and sing several songs throughout the years.  The children are excited and eager to engage in our Father’s business, through songs, storytelling and are free to use their imagination in creative drawing and painting.  We have continued to provide a comfortable environment for both parents and children to come and learn about Jesus Christ and the Message of William Marion Branham.


"I'm in the lords army"

"Give God Praise"

"You Are Holy"