Now, back to the--the--the missionary offering. We are greatly appreciative of that. We know that when you're doing missionary work, you're doing exactly what the Lord said. Is that right? For He said, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature," and that's the general orders of Jesus Christ, and we know then that that's right. We can't go wrong when we're tak--doing missionary work




Revival in Haiti


It's just something about missionary that I just--it just... I just love it. And I just know that what you're doing... You're doing God's will when you give to missions. That is right. It's not fair that one person hear the Gospel twice, when somebody hasn't heard it once. See? Everybody should hear the Gospel at least once. And I--I want to do my part to try to take the Gospel to everybody that I know how, every place.


Jesus Christ is His Name-Haiti

Wisconsin 2011 Meeting