Miracle Youth Choir (MYC) was established in 2007 at Open Door Community Tabernacle. MYC is composed of all the young-mature believers of ODCT. We believe we are the living word of today's end-time message that was brought to us by the Prophet William Marrion Branham. From the scriptures we read & the teachings of our prophet we adhere and apply the teachings in our lives. With the Holy Spirit guiding us in all things, we learn in Bible study how to overcome the flesh to fight against the principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness.




The choir has many activities throughout the year. We have a Home Economics program for baking and cooking. The sisters have created many wonderful recipes! The brothers have learned money management, landscaping, and construction as well as mechanics. We also have a Seamstress program. We believe our young girls should take pride in their physical appearance. Therefore, we cannot dress as Hollywood or those in the world. The young girls have created dresses, skirts, and many other pieces of clothing as well as purses! Over the summer, we have a Youth Media Program. For those that are interested in the media and the movie making process. It is a great way to develop multimedia skills. It is a great career-building experience to move into Television Production. In addition, they learn Adobe applications including Photoshop as well as Joomla and Dreamweaver just to name a few.




The songs that MYC sings are songs from this message. We sing many songs from our sister churches across the globe. We create musical compositions and perform them during our revivals. We believe in music there is healing and deliverance power. So, we are pleased to be a part of this ministry. Currently, MYC is working on their first album! Keep a look out for it!


We keep our environment focus on our Father, the Lord Jesus-Christ. An environment that is uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging to our youth. Helping our youth to grow into God-fearing man and woman. Youth that will continue to stand for the truth tied to their absolute. Just like Moses and Elijah of old, they will be able to speak God's word with revelation to be overcomers. We encourage you to participate with Miracle Youth Choir to learn more of our Lord Jesus-Christ and the Message of our Prophet William Marrion Branham.



"Praise Adonai"

"New Hallelujah"

"Blessed Assurance"